Friday, May 4, 2007

3Bulls: All Talk, No Action

So, perhaps I haven’t posted for a while — but I have left the house.

Meanwhile, over at the land of the bulls and the home of the foolish, they talk and talk and talk but other than Gregor’s one documented trip into the wild, we have no evidence that they actually leave their computers.

Also, a rare insight into some personal communication from “the bull with horns,” Pinko Punko:

“Yeah, I need to post an organizational post about our get together.” This was 4 days ago, in the interim — actually, just the last 24 hours — he’s found time for this, this, this, this, and this. And I’ll spare you the pain and anguish that are his comments spattered throughout the blogosphere like so many pigeon droppings.

Would it hurt so much to recall when I was told (in September, no less) of a mystery location for Italian Beef. Now, poor Pop Ren has a show next month. Will he get stood up too?

Let the cobag watch begin!

UPDATE: I’m back and I need traffic. I guess it’s time for a blogwar! Prepare to be boarded, 3B! And yes, those Take5 are worthless against us! Unfortunately, we’re low on kitties here so let’s just hope they don’t find out!